ECU Tuning on the Gold Coast

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Correct ECU remapping dramatically improves engine torque and power. Day to day, this means better throttle response, less perceptible turbo lag, a wider or more accessible torque curve and generally a more exciting car to drive.

✓  Increased Torque
✓  Increased Power
✓  Improved Throttle Response
✓  Improved Fuel Economy*

Experience the difference
Kings Diesel can make to your diesel
car, ute or truck

Choose from one of our four popular packages


Ecu Mapping - no dyno results


Ecu mapping with Dyno Results


Ecu Mapping with carbon clean and Dyno results


Custom packages

Exhaust upgrades, Clutch upgrades, intercooler upgrades, Mapping and Dyno Tuning.

Removing unnecessary engine restrictions can drastically improve the performance of your car, often without needing to add additional modifications like upgraded exhausts, intercoolers or injectors.

The other benefits of ECU Remapping are often improved fuel economy. A broader torque band can impact the ability of the engine to respond with less throttle inputs which can improve real world fuel consumption figures.

ECU remapping can modify fuel injection timing and duration, ignition timing, absolute boost and boost delivery as well as throttle input maps and torque limiting maps. A modern engine can have thousands of parameters that are available to the knowledgeable tuner. Compared to modifications that are made downstream of the ECU, remapping still keeps all the original safety controls & alarms but allows us to take full control of all of the available tuning parameters to deliver a transformed driving experience.

A truck after ECU tuning services on the Gold Coast

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