Carbon cleaning

πŸ€” Did you know as a diesel engine runs, it produces byproducts of smoke and carbon.
πŸš™ These waste products make their way out of the engine, however small deposits of carbon cling to the internal walls of the engine from the time the car clocks 20,000km onward.
πŸ’¨ As the carbon builds up over time, eventually it begins to block the airflow and restricts the engine’s capacity to operate. How do you fix this?
πŸƒ C A R B O N β€’ C L E A N πŸƒ
Following an engine carbon clean, a car experiences
βœ… No airflow restrictions
βœ… regains lost power
βœ… no more flat spots when accelerating
βœ… and can have its Miles Per Galon (MPG) remarkably revived saving on fuel costs!
When a diesel vehicle owner incorporates an engine carbon clean incrementally into its maintenance regime, emissions are cut radically and performance inhibitors are preventatively stopped.
☎️ Call us now on 55323714 and book a Carbon Clean for your diesel!
Kings Diesel Team

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